First And Second Level Personnel – that is what we Look For

Who We Are and Who We Look For

HANSE Interim is looking for management personnel on the first and second level of management across all functions: general management, finance, controlling, production, procurement, supply chain, sales, marketing, HR, IT.

Our selection procedure will assure that you are the right interim manager for our clients. Moreover, we will support you during the entire project period and will conduct status talks with you and our clients. This includes precisely indicating tasks and objectives as well as drafting contracts.

A majority of our clients request a manager who has experience in the field of restructuring and transformation, and who has previously held the position of either CRO, CEO, CDO or CFO.

In order to meet our client’s quality requirements, we need to set a high standard for choosing suitable candidates.

What We Require from First level personnel

We are constantly looking for experienced management personnel to work as interim managers and do so out of conviction. We require our managers to have a vast set of professional and strong leadership skills.

We expect you to have experience with projects, ideally within a dynamic field of restructuring. We also expect you to have successfully concluded interim mandates and have excellent references.

We will gladly take a look at your documents. To secure the quality of our network of managers, we only selectively accept candidates who potentially suit the positions that we need to fill.

Please send your documents to, or do not hesitate to call one of our relationship managers.

For further information please have a look at our FAQs.