Interim Manager Placement

Interim managers are temporarily deployed in order to fill vacancies that unexpectedly arise or to support companies targetedly by providing an external view. Interim managers can also execute special tasks and work on projects. If you would like to know more, read our testimonials and do not hesitate to ask us directly. We provide for Interim Manager Placement.

Our interim managers are hired to work on nothing but their assignment. They act objectively and leave the company after their task has been concluded successfully. All sectors are covered. We have uploaded some professional references here and would like to thank our customers for trusting us by letting us do so.

In need of immediate support by an interim manager?

HANSE Interim offers a network of qualified managers who can also work for your company short-term. Not only do they have years of experience and a vast skill set in operational business, problem analysis and creation of implementation concepts, HANSE Interim managers also provide professional services, they have a high degree of soft skills and leadership skills as well as a natural amount of authority.

Every company sometimes faces shortages, be it due to a vacancy or concerning the management of a project that requires technical know-how.  The external manager will provide technical skills, leadership skills and will show strength in implementing strategies. If you would like to know more about this subject, please read our post: Why opt for interim management? Advantages for companies.

HANSE Interim – at one view

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Our brochure

Read about practical insights gained in the scope of a project that was staffed by HANSE Interim. The results are quite impressive!


Ausgabe 15

Interim Expert Market Research lays the foundation for the strategy of a mechanical engineering group
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We place interim managers for the following positions:

  • board member
  • executive director
  • management positions, especially in finance, controlling, procurement, business development, sales, marketing and human resources
  • production and works manager
  • technical project manager
  • CRO responsible for restructuring and recovery, also in times of bankruptcy