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For Managers: Application process at HANSE Interim

Which Documents Should Be Provided When Applying at HANSE Interim?

We only require digitized documents. For managers, an informative CV should not be less than three pages but no more than ten pages long and have a picture attached. Informative means that the names of the various employers and clients are mentioned. If names cannot be mentioned for reasons of confidentiality, we will kindly ask for a discription of the company’s size, the number of employees and the sector in which the company operates. We are also interested in the type of tasks that were executed, what kind of responsibilities were attached to the project in terms of subordinated employees and management, and which results were obtained. We do not only ask for positive references but also for the names of two or three references. Moreover, we are always glad to receive a link to a professional homepage which might tell us more about the background and the professional development of the applicant. We hope to be of service with this section FAQ for Managers. If not please contact us!

FAQ for Managers: How Many Years of Experience Should an Applicant Have?

In our opinion, an applicant should have a minimum of 15 years of overall professional experience, of which at least 10 years are required to have been gained in management positions.

FAQ for Managers: What Kind of Personality Should an Applicant Have?

An interim manager must be very versatile. On the one hand, the IM has have a lot of entrepreneurial drive, because he or she is an entreprenuer on their own account. On the other hand, as soon as the project starts, the IM has to be able to employ complex skills in line management from one day to the next and start executing operative tasks at the location immediately. Analytical skills and soft skills such as strong communication skills, empathy and perseverance shoud not be underestimated either. Interim managers have to live for their job – with their heart and mind.

How Does HANSE Interim Process the Data of Interim Managers?

We greatly value data protection and data security. All CV’s are only stored in a digital format in a secured offline database on our servers. All data is entirely encrypted and would not be legible to external persons even if the servers were to be physically stolen from our secure data center. We forgo sharing personal data on the internet or offering it in an online database. Before we send a CV to a client, we always get in touch with the candidate. In that way, interim managers and clients can be sure that only such profiles that we were given consent for publishing are being placed.

Does HANSE Interim Charge Any Fees for Including a Manager into the HANSE Interim network?

No, we do not. Managers can join the network without paying any fee. We thereby reserve the right to reject candidates who do seem ineligible to us. We operate on an entrepreneurial business model that is based on success. As a service provider, we only earn money if the company hires an interim manager and only for as long as the interim manager is working in that company.